Meet MantiSpectra, MicroAlign and Luxisens


Biochemical analysis on the spot

Thanks to a novel photonic integration platform, near-infrared spectroscopy can now be integrated into handheld devices. Based on an innovative spectral sensing chip first developed at TU/e, spin-off company MantiSpectra now brings the power of spectroscopy to the masses.

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Though Simone Cardarelli had originally planned to become an academic, as of April 2021 he is the enthusiastic director of the promising start-up MicroAlign. ‘In terms of product development, we will focus on optimizing the fabrication process of our micro-alignment system,’ Cardarelli tells.

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Accurate multi-optical fiber alignment


Meticulous movement monitoring

A thin matt consisting of plastic optical fibers might fundamentally improve the care for newborns, elderly or bedridden patients. Founders Henrie van den Boom and Richard Visser explain how their start-up Luxisens is bringing a novel optical two-dimensional pressure sensing system for real-time movement monitoring to the market.

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