Publications & Projects

A selection of recent TU/e publications and projects in the field of integrated photonics


Nature Communications

  1. Iaru, C. M., Brodu, A., van Hoof, N. J. J., ter Huurne, S. E. T., Buhot, J., Montanarella, F., Buhbut, S., Christianen, P. C. M., Vanmaekelbergh, D., de Mello Donega, C., Rivas, J. G., Koenraad, P. M., & Silov, A. Y. (2021). Fröhlich interaction dominated by a single phonon mode in CsPbBr3. Nature Communications, 12(1) [5844].

Nano Letters

  1. Fadaly, E. M. T., Marzegalli, A., Ren, Y., Sun, L., Dijkstra, A., De Matteis, D., Scalise, E., Sarikov, A., De Luca, M., Rurali, R., Haverkort, J. E. M., Botti, S., Miglio, L., Bakkers, E. P. A. M., & Verheijen, M. A. (2021). Unveiling Planar Defects in Hexagonal Group IV Materials. Nano Letters, 21(8), 3619-3625.

Advanced Optical Materials

  1. Korzun, K., Castellanos, G. W., de Boer, D. K. G., Gómez Rivas, J., & Haverkort, J. E. M. (2021). Nanowire Solar Cell Above the Radiative Limit. Advanced Optical Materials, 9(2).

ACS Photonics

  1. Mohammadi, E., Tittl, A., Tsakmakidis, K. L., Raziman, T. V., & Curto, A. G. (2021). Dual Nanoresonators for Ultrasensitive Chiral Detection. ACS Photonics, 8(6), 1754-1762.

ACS Applied Nano Materials

  1. Basuvalingam, S. B., Bloodgood, M., Verheijen, M., Kessels, W. M. M., & Bol, A. A. (2021). Conformal Growth of Nanometer-Thick Transition Metal Dichalcogenide TiSx‑NbSx Heterostructures over 3D Substrates by Atomic Layer Deposition: Implications for Device Fabrication. ACS Applied Nano Materials, 4(1), 514-521.

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

  1. Berghuis, A. M., Raziman, T. V., Halpin, A., Wang, S., Curto, A. G., & Rivas, J. G. (2021). Effective Negative Diffusion of Singlet Excitons in Organic Semiconductors. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 12(4), 1360-1366.

Journal of Quantum Electronics

  1. Kashi, A. A., van der Tol, J. J. G. M., Williams, K. A., Yao, W., Lebby, M. S., Pecinovsky, C., & Jiao, Y. (2021). Electro-Optic Slot Waveguide Phase Modulator on the InP Membrane on Silicon Platform. IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 57(1).
  2. Reniers, S., Williams, K. A., van der Tol, J. J. G. M., & Jiao, Y. (2021). An Accurate Characterization Method for Integrated Polarization Converters. IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 57(1),.

Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics

  1. Graaf, J. D., Zhao, X., Konstantinou, D., van den Hout, M., Reniers, S., Shen, L., van der Heide, S., Rommel, S., Tafur Monroy, I., Okonkwo, C. M., Cao, Z., Koonen, T., Williams, K., & Jiao, Y. (2022). Beyond 110 GHz uni-traveling carrier photodiodes on an InP-membrane-on-silicon platform. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 28(2).
  2. Zhao, M., Zhang, X., Tran, N. C., Wen, H., Xiang, Y., Cao, Z., Reniers, A. C. F., & Koonen, A. M. J. T. (2021). Integrated Tunable Phase Shifter Based on Energy-Conserved Phase Amplification and Its Application for RF-OAM Generation. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 27(2).
  3. Koonen, A.M.J., Mekonnen, K.A., Cao, Z., Huijskens, F.M., Pham, N.-Q., Tangdiongga, E. (2021). Beam-Steered Optical Wireless Communication for Industry 4.0. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 27(6).

Journal of Lightwave Technology

  1. Pan, B., Yan, F., Guo, X., & Calabretta, N. (2021). Experimental Assessment of Automatic Optical Metro Edge Computing Network for Beyond 5G Applications and Network Service Composition. Journal of Lightwave Technology, 39(10), 3004-3010.
  2. Yao, W., Liu, X., Matters-Kammerer, M., Meighan, A., Spiegelberg, M., Trajkovic, M., Van der Tol, J. J. G. M., Wale, M. J., Zhang, X., & Williams, K. A. (2021). Towards the integration of InP photonics with silicon electronics: design and technology challenges. Journal of Lightwave Technology, 39(4), 999-1009.
  3. Perez Santacruz, J., Rommel, S., Johannsen, U., Jurado-Navas, A., & Tafur Monroy, I. (2021). Analysis and Compensation of Phase Noise in mm-Wave OFDM ARoF Systems for Beyond 5G. Journal of Lightwave Technology, 39(6), 1602-1610.


Time-resolved THz near-field microscopy (NWO-take off grant phase 1)

  • Feasibility study for the commercialization of a THz near-field microscope for the contact-free and non-destructive in-depth doping profiling of semiconductor layers

Opto Silicon: Towards optical communication on silicon chips (EU H2020)

  • Development of light-emitting devices, based on hexagonal silicon-germanium (Hex-SiGe), and their integration with existing Si electronics and passive Si-photonics circuitry

MantiSpectra: Spectral sensors for agrifood applications (NWO-take off grant phase 1)

  • Development of scalable near-infrared spectral sensors for quality control in agriculture

PICaboo: Photonic Integrated Circuits on InP technology plAtform enaBling low-cost metro netwOrks and next-generation PONs (EU H2020)

  • Development of novel building blocks based on the generic foundry model that will transform the optical metro, DCI, and access networks

PhotonicLEAP: Photonic Wafer-Level Integration Packaging and Test (EU H2020)

  • Development of a disruptive wafer-level photonic integrated circuit (PIC) module integration, packaging, and test technology that can be scaled from low to very large volumes

PhotonHub Europe: One-Stop-Shop Open Access to Photonics Innovation Support for a Digital Europe (EU H2020)

  • A single pan-EU Photonics Innovation Hub as a one-stop-shop solution integrating pioneering photonics technologies, facilities, expertise, and experience of 53 European partners

INSPIRE: InP on SiN photonic integrated circuits realized through wafer-scale micro-transfer printing (EU H2020)

  • Combine energy-efficient indium phosphide circuits and mass-manufactured silicon nitride photonic-based circuits using wafer-scale micro-transfer printing processes

PICOSTAR: Photonic Integrated Coherence Scrambler Through phased Arrays (TKI-HTSM)

  • Ultra-broadband coherence scramblers for future miniaturized and high-throughput metrology sensors

Optical Wireless Superhighways (NWO Perspective programme)

  • Optical wireless communication technologies, systems, and networks at all length scales